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LIZ KELLY: This year, let’s help bring others to life
In 1952, a little boy named Leslie was born prematurely in the Midwest. He had brain damage, cerebral palsy, and problems so severe with his eyes that they had to… Read More
God dwells most intimately with us in difficult times
What God is asking Mary is incomprehensible. How can this be, she asks? In her tiny village everyone knows everyone else, and many people are related to one another. Everyone… Read More
‘Give us this day our daily bread’
In last month’s column, we learned about the first three petitions of the Our Father. Now we turn to the final four. “The fourth and fifth petitions concern our life… Read More
Christmas Reflection: The humble humanity and incredible power of Jesus
By FATHER MARCUS KNECHT One of my favorite internet memes (a picture or collection of pictures with text that explains or repurposes the image(s) in a culturally relevant and usually… Read More
Of mice and men: a saint for our times
“Synchronicity.” That’s the word one journalist used in a Nov. 3 Instagram post to describe the fact that Election Day fell on the feast day of St. Martin de Porres, the patron… Read More
Which king will we serve?
Jesus Christ is King! We enter the Solemnity of Christ the King amidst political tension in our own country. This is nothing new when it comes to worldly powers. Power… Read More
Our Father asks for the grace to do his will
Today we continue discussing the Catechism’s teaching on the Our Father. We read, “After we have placed ourselves in the presence of God our Father to adore and to love… Read More
This Advent, invite Jesus into your heart as Mary did
Our world is filled with agitation, with the busyness and distractions of work, entertainment and pleasures of every sort. They call out as Sirens to those trying to navigate the… Read More
Government, economics and politics – all belong to God
We hear from the 22nd chapter of Matthew this Sunday. At this point the Lord is in Jerusalem just weeks before his Passion. Evil is closing in on him, and… Read More
Heaven can be in your heart
In my last column, we began looking at the Catechism’s teaching on the Our Father. We continue today by examining the phrase “who art in heaven.” What does it mean… Read More
Our balm for 2020: the communion of saints
Paula Kraus wasn’t afraid to utter the wish burning on her heart, the one that seizes so many preparing to lose a loved one. The Minnesota mom yearned for some… Read More
What we do in this world must be directed to the next
There’s an old saying about focusing so much on the trees that one loses sight of the forest. I remember learning this lesson many years ago as a seminarian during… Read More

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