Storytelling keys student bonding

Storytelling recently created bonds between seniors at Marian High School and first-graders at Holy Name School, both in Omaha.
As part of the all-girls high school’s coursework on ethnicity and race in Sociology II, each student in that class paired up with a first-grader to create and design a storybook with her new buddy as the hero of an adventure in a foreign country.
The high school students learned about the geography and cultures of other countries, and, using Photoshop, created images of the first-graders on their fictional adventures.
Earlier in the semester, the seniors visited Holy Name to learn about their new buddies and their school. And the first-grade students visited Marian, where they received the completed storybooks during a Dec. 1 Christmas party.
While the visits to each other’s school was a first-time experience for many of the students, the two schools share a common legacy. The Servants of Mary religious sisters came to Omaha to teach at Holy Name in 1918, and founded Marian in 1955.