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Becoming transitional deacons requires deeper level of service for 3 seminarians

For many people this Friday means the start of a long holiday weekend.

But for three archdiocese seminarians, this Friday, May 24, is the start of a new, deeper life of service as transitional deacons, a step on the path to priesthood.

The three – Logan Hepp, Brian Hula and Will Targy – will be ordained transitional deacons during a 7 p.m. Mass at St. Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha.

Brian Hula

Hula, a seminarian at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, referred to the root word for the diaconate – the Greek word diakonia, meaning “service” –  in his thoughts leading up to the ordination.

The three men have served their Church and communities for years now, as missionaries, teachers, youth ministers and helpers at parishes, soup kitchens, homeless shelters  and more.

Becoming a deacon will take him to new levels of service, Hula said.

“I am humbled and excited that Jesus is inviting me to be ‘made like Him’ in His own ‘diakonia’/service,” the seminarian said. “This new ‘way of being’ is the most important aspect of what it means to be a deacon!

“With regard to the service I will carry out, I am especially looking forward to assisting at the Mass, baptizing, and serving the poor,” Hula said. “It is a tremendous blessing that Jesus is giving me a role in the life of the Church where I can connect others to Him through the grace of the sacraments.”

Hula is from St. Peter Parish in Omaha. His parents are Paul and Cathy Hula, and he has three siblings: Jenny Dzsousa (and her husband, Anson), Johnny Hula and Ann Phillips (and her husband, Lukas).

Will Targy

Targy, also a seminarian at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, said he is grateful to serve.

“I have great joy and gratitude for the amazing blessing of becoming a transitional deacon for the Archdiocese of Omaha,” he said. “The Lord has blessed me abundantly throughout my life and I am grateful for all the various experiences and opportunities to serve Him and His Church, both in seminary and before.

“Becoming a transitional deacon is an incredible and humbling step on the way to priesthood,” Targy said. “I look forward to everything that is involved with the ministry of diaconate (serving at the altar, preaching, Communion calls, Baptisms, etc.). Plus, it is such a blessing to be home for the summer and serving the good people of northeast Nebraska.

“I am grateful for my family, parishioners and friends who have supported me and lifted me up in prayer throughout my seminary formation,” he said. “Please continue to pray for all the men being ordained this summer and for all those men discerning a call to priesthood.”

Targy is from St. Mary Parish in Bellevue and is the son of Steve and Tina Targy. He has four sisters, Natalie, Julie, Valerie and Maggie; four nephews and a niece.

Logan Hepp

Hepp – from St. Stephen the Martyr Parish in Omaha and the son of David and Susan Hepp – said service is simply a matter of sharing God’s love.

“As far as my future ministry is concerned, I don’t have many expectations,” he said. “I’m excited to share with others God’s great love for them. I’m looking forward to being surprised by what the Lord has in store.”


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