Five reasons to make a will this month

Creating a will is something few people look forward to, which may explain why a 2021 Gallup poll found that less than half of adults in America have one.

“The most common reason people will say they don’t have a will is that they just haven’t gotten around to it,” said Tony LaMar, legacy planning officer at the Archdiocese of Omaha. “Another common misconception is that you don’t need one if you aren’t wealthy or close to retirement. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have a child, savings, own a home or even have a pet – you need a will.”

August is “National Make a Will Month,” and the archdiocese’s legacy planning office is partnering with FreeWill to help Catholics in northeast Nebraska create a will. The process is simple, fast and free.

For those still not convinced they need a will, LaMar lists five reasons they need to consider it.

A will protects your assets.
A will ensures that your financial and personal wishes are respected and carried out. In Nebraska, if you pass away without a will or intestate, your assets will be distributed according to state intestacy laws which determine how your property is divided among your surviving relatives. If no relatives are found, your property could go to the state.

A will stewards the gifts you have received from God.
Our Catholic faith calls on us to make prudent choices with the resources entrusted to us by God. Creating a will is responsible stewardship because it ensures that our possessions are distributed according to our Catholic values and beliefs.

A will is an act of mercy.
When you create a will, you can be confident that your loved ones are provided for and supported after you are gone. It also makes settling your estate less stressful at an emotionally trying time.

A will helps your faith live on.
Through your will, you can provide ongoing financial support to the Church and other charities, missions and organizations you care about and serve as a testament to your beliefs. This can inspire your beneficiaries to continue living out those values. It also allows you to continue influencing the world in meaningful ways after you are gone.

A will doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.
FreeWill is a simple and efficient way to create a will. Start by answering simple questions about you and your wishes and at the end of those questions, you will receive a PDF document to download and print. The PDF includes instructions to guide you through signing and witnessing your will to make it official.

If you want more information about FreeWill, contact LaMar at 402.557.5544 or email him at




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