Equipping Disciples

Needed: professionals, clergy & volunteers for post-abortion healing ministry

Women and men need healing after the trauma of abortion – and you can help.

The Nebraska Catholic Conference (NCC) is offering two free Post-Abortion Healing Ministry Orientations for mental health professionals, clergy and lay volunteers at two sites in the state.

Nebraska’s three bishops want to revitalize post-abortion healing ministries by building a network of informed, trained professionals and volunteers. Veterans and newcomers to the ministry are invited.

“To make this work of mercy a success, we need Catholics across the state educated about this ministry of healing,” said Tom Venzor, NCC executive director. “We need Catholics to step up and learn more about this ministry.”

The one-day training will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at both locations. The first orientation will be held Aug. 22 at St. Patrick Church in Gretna, 508 W. Angus Road. The second will be Aug. 23 at St. Patrick Church in North Platte, 415 N. Chestnut St.

Local and national professionals will discuss the topics of understanding abortion and its aftermath, the lies about abortion, signs of post-abortion trauma, healing through the Church’s sacraments and through other resources, counseling for post-abortive trauma, and building awareness and outreach of the post-abortion healing ministry.

Breakout sessions will be separate for mental health practitioners, clergy and religious, and lay people, “to ensure that everybody is equipped for this ministry according to their vocation and profession in life,” Venzor said.

The NCC is seeking approval for continuing education units for mental health practice, he said.

To reserve a spot at an orientation or to learn more, see https://necatholic.org/

“We need messengers of God’s mercy,” Venzor said, “so women and men experiencing post-abortion trauma know they can be forgiven and that God desires to pour out His abundant love upon them.”


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