Pro-life license plates a symbol of hope

Nebraska’s pro-life license plate, unveiled Nov. 27 at an Omaha home for pregnant women in crisis and available beginning Jan. 1, is a symbol of hope and caring for the unborn and others in need, backers of the initiative said.

Displaying the phrase, "Choose Life," and the silhouette of a woman walking into the sun’s light hand-in-hand with a child, the license plate rises in defense of all who are vulnerable, said Gov. Pete Ricketts, joined among others by representatives of the home, Bethlehem House. "It symbolizes you are not alone," the governor said.

Tom Venzor, executive director of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, which backed the license plates, said they will be a "daily reminder for us to defend life and offer hope to those in most need."

The plates will cost $5 more than a standard plate, or $40 extra for a still more personalized license plate. Money raised will benefit the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, at either the full $5, or $30 from the personalized plate, with $10 going to the motor vehicle cash fund.

With the unveiling, Nebraska joins 29 other states that offer pro-life license plates.

But it didn’t come easy. State Sen. Dan Watermeier of Syracuse, who introduced the legislation for the plates, helped fight six filibusters before a final 35-5 vote for the bill last spring. In Omaha, Watermeier expressed his satisfaction with the outcome.

"Every community has a responsibility to guard, protect and cherish human life," he said. "Today, Nebraska takes another step in showing our deep value and respect for human life through the beautiful ‘Choose Life’ plates you see today."

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