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Let us put on the mind of Christ Jesus in Holy Week
Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. And how different is our world since we first began our Lenten journey! The COVID-19 virus has taken a huge toll on… Read More
Finding peace and trust in a pandemic
My friend Dan Burke, co-author of “The Contemplative Rosary,” has come down with COVID-19. Shortly before going to the ICU, he said that although it was affecting his already compromised… Read More
‘Leave it all on the course’
I first heard this expression some years ago when my brothers were running triathlons. One brother is an actual Ironman, having completed events comprised of a 2.4-mile swim, 120-mile bike ride,… Read More
Has Jesus healed me of my blindness?
This Sunday’s Gospel gives us the healing of the blind man. There is a back-and-forth dialogue in which the man, who was healed from his blindness, recounts the acts of… Read More
Trust and obedience are vital parts of prayer
We have been going through Part Four of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on “Christian Prayer.” In today’s column, we consider prayer in the Old Testament and how that… Read More
Poverty has a name
The story went something like this: A group of MBAs from a prestigious university (that shall remain unnamed) determined that through applying their business acumen they could make Mother Teresa… Read More
Building a dwelling place for Jesus in our hearts
Each year, on the Second Sunday of Lent, the church takes us up to Mt. Tabor to contemplate with Peter, James and John the glory of the Lord in his… Read More
God calls everyone to prayer
Continuing our series on prayer in the Catechism, we come now to the chapter called “The Revelation of Prayer.” It begins with two paragraphs on “The Universal Call to Prayer”… Read More
‘Eating down the house’: why we still need fasting
I have two close friends who have spent considerable time serving the impoverished in India and Africa. Both returned to the United States with radical new relationships to food. After coming… Read More
Enemies present the supreme test of our love
In the Sunday Gospels these weeks, we are hearing passages from the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount. If there is one place to which we can look to hear our… Read More
Prayer is a covenant and a communion
In our discussion of the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s teaching on prayer, we have seen that prayer involves both our minds and our hearts. We have explored what it… Read More
Readying your heart for Lent
If you practice regular meditation with Scripture, you know that St. Ignatius and other spiritual masters recommend that you read through the chosen passage the night before your prayer time.… Read More

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