Students help capture history

This year’s class of eighth-graders at Christ the King School in Omaha worked three years to help capture an important part of the school’s history.
Guided by fifth- and sixth-grade social studies teacher Kim Hansen, they and other students in the school’s service- and faith-oriented House of Saint John Bosco worked to remove from frames mounted on the cafeteria wall composite pictures of eighth-grade classes collected since the school opened in 1954. They also prepared the composites for resizing and placing in a new multi-panel display system that now hangs near the school’s offices.
“I thought it was cool that we were preserving such an important piece of the school’s history,” said eighth-grader Emma Duman. “I felt like combining these composites makes it so much easier for visitors to get a read on Christ the King.”
Dr. Mary Finnegan, a member of the parish, parent of Christ the King students and a 1986 graduate of the school, said she was inspired to help fund the project and handle some of the logistics because of the legacy of education and experience of its students.
The project also serves as a starting point for creating a “Heritage Hall” with a display case for other historical items. The composite display is missing several years. People with items to donate or a composite of eighth-graders’ photos for 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1969, 1970 or 1971 can contact Hansen at
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