Meeting in a small group setting, people break open the Word of God and draw closer to Jesus, as the Omaha archdiocese encourages all parishes to form small groups and Live Lent Together. ANDREW SCIBA/STELLA PRODUCTIONS


Training for Live Lent Together small group leaders this weekend

An archdiocese-wide, parish-based effort to spread the Word of God by way of small groups is once again getting ready to kick off this Lent in living rooms, coffee shops and bars.

The Archdiocese of Omaha once again encourages all parishes to establish Live Lent Together small groups to pray with Scripture, help members get closer to Christ and feel less alone in an increasingly disconnected world.

“We all need relationships where we are known, loved and personally encouraged to live as faithful disciples of Jesus,” said Andrew Dejka, a member of the parish support team. “Whether you are part of a small rural parish or a larger urban parish, Live Lent Together helps you create the small group context where those relationships happen.”

Small group leaders are encouraged to cast a wide net when inviting people to join their Live Lent Together group. In other words, participants don’t have to belong to the same parish; they don’t even need to be Catholic. All they need is to be open to a deeper encounter with Jesus, according to the Archdiocese of Omaha parish support team.

Zoom training is be held Saturday Jan. 27th for those interested in leading a small group. Register here.

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