Restaurant owner offers advice to students

Business students and members of the Future Business Leaders of America chapter at V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School in Omaha received some advice from a noted business leader Feb. 28.

Willy Theisen of Omaha, founder of Godfather’s Pizza, Pitch Pizzeria and most recently, Paragon Dundee, spoke to students about entrepreneurship, the value of hard work and responsibility, and some of the things that led to his business success.

"Entrepreneurs are people who see things that others can’t," Thiesen said.

He also talked about how he earned a banker’s trust and obtained funding "over a handshake" to open his first restaurant.

Theisen explained the importance of young people’s first jobs and the values to be learned from them. He shared lessons he learned from his parents, including the importance of family dinner no matter how busy one’s schedule, putting things in their place and returning borrowed items.

After the presentation, Theisen and students shared Godfather’s Pizza, including one of his favorites – taco pizza.

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